Bourj Al Barajneh

Active Ageing Centre

Someone really cares about the Palestinian elderly in the camps! I went to visit Active Ageing House at Bourj al Barajneh, run by an active and committed social worker Melek Nimer, and funded by private sources, mostly by her friends…

Infrastructure? Imagine heavy rain..

“It’s not about the money, it’s more about keeping them active,” say the officials at the organisation…

An article about her work and a more detailed view of the camp is on the way but here are some pictures.

By the time, the gun holder hands standing next to kids become a habitual scene to witness at the camps.

Meanwhile, the groups known to be opposition insurgents were shaking hands and sharing their political views right in front of a Turkish journalist… Apparently we’re still quite trustworthy in the region. Even as a journalist..

From the Centre

Another interesting remark to make is that, most of the Palestinian residents believe that Turkey’s support is a temporary populist movement that is likely to be faded if the current AKP government loses power in Turkey.  

They are taking the cause more as a religious movement rather than humanitarian. I “wonder” why it has been reflected that way……..


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