Lebanon and Voting Age

Yesterday, Lebanon failed to pass a draft law to lower the voting age from 21 to 18. And of course, it sparked the discussions on the level of maturation of Lebanese youth yet along, the imposition of democracy in Lebanon.

I’d rather prefer to expand this discussion to overall Middle East. When it comes to be an individual and having own will in decision making process of the society, I believe this part of the world is far less independent than Europe and US.

Reasons vary indeed. But basically, it’s the implication of “community lifestyle” that dominates the Middle East can be put as one of the reasons perhaps. This is one of the times I include Turkey as a part of this region. And the lack of individualism and individual lifestyle has, I believe, an indirect negative impact on maturation of the youth.

Correlating “individualism” to the level of “development” is something that also needs to be considered.

But while most of the youth in all over the world enjoy the ability to take part in decision making process on their 18, Lebanon is indeed also expected to pass the same law as soon as possible.

Still, my personal observations and experiences drive me to the conclusion that, having the “navel cord cut” takes longer for the Middle Eastern youth than their European fellows.


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