New world order and Israel

The world order is apparently in a serious change, or in other words, one can claim that power is shifting hands. In particular with the latest US-Israel row observed in regard to Israel’s Middle East policy.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has explicitly asserted Israel’s “right to build” in Jerusalem and approved further Jewish settlements. This move did not only anger most of the European countries, but also caused a serious row between US and Israel.

As a brief information, there are roughly 500,000 Jews living in 100 settlements built up during the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. According to international law, those settlements are illegal, but Israel doesn’t think so.

First in last decades, the diplomacy witnesses a severe strain in relations between US and Israel. Is this a sign of power shift? Is the new world order being drawn?

And as a personal interest, I wonder what Turkey’s role was in this process. For longtime, Turkish journalists, experts and researchers asked themselves whether or not Turkey was distancing itself from the West. I myself am questioning Turkey’s foreign policy agenda as well, however, obviously there is a global change in world diplomacy which Turkey finds a place in the process.

Despite the international pressure, Israel is adamantly insisting on settlements’ expansion.

Let’s see how the actors will play in this new world order…


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