Lebanese Laïque Pride!

Thousands of Lebanese marched for Secularism in Lebanon, a country that is governed by a confessional system based on sectarianism. When it comes to words like “secularism” and “laïcité” it is hard not to be attracted as a Turkish.

My piece in Turkish Daily Radikal can be read here. – I literally felt down on my knees while trying to take the picture on the left.. The one on the right is AFP’s.

The Daily Star Lebanon coverage is here.

And English BBC coverage by their correspondent is here.

The march had also taken place in Paris and London on the same date and time with the participation of Lebanese diaspora abroad.

To be honest, first when I arrived at Ain el Mressieh, the gathering point I was a bit disappointed by the low number of protestors I’ve seen.

The problem was that.. “I was on time!” Perhaps it was the lazy Sunday morning spirit that made me forget that I had to adjust myself to “Lebanese time” which is always, but really always at least 30 minutes after the scheduled one…

But it ended up being a successful and very efficient organisation with the participation of more than 2000 people! The message was delivered! Congratulations to the organisation team of Lebanese Laique Pride.


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