Deep Mountain by Ece Temelkuran (Armenians – Turks)

For those who got caught up by my articles on Armenians in Beirut, I strongly suggest you to read Turkish journalist Ece Temelkuran‘s Deep Mountain Across the Turkish Armenian Divide.

The book is an excellent compilation of author’s memories during her visits the Armenian communities in Paris, Venice Beach, Turkey and Armenia.

A unique approach to Armenian Turkish relations combined seasoned with a brilliant writing style had captured me immediately when I’ve read the back page.

Unlike the above surface coverage of other didactic writings on the same subject, inside stories of this book brings its reader down to the humanitarian exchanges of both societies, where real life goes on…

One of my favourite part takes part on a dinner table in Armenia… The response of Armenian lady to Turks tossing their glasses for “honour” is worth to read…

What this book did to me is “to think”, “to question” and “to oppose the cliches I grew up with” on issues related to Armenian Turkish relations.


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