Walimat Wardeh missed in London

In London, when I was asked to describe a place, I could not stop myself of thinking about Beirut again… And here it goes… I wrote about Walimat Wardeh…

Walimat Wardeh.. Oriental as it sounds, identical as it’s spelled… Beirut’s best restaurant/pub located in the heart of vivid Hamra, is my favourite spot for lonely nights.

Not only the traditional Lebanese dishes that make this venue oriental but the Arabic tunes and the velvet voice of Fairuz, Lebanese diva, gives you the feeling of being on a flying carpet next to Aladdin as if he was going to open the doors of secret treasury…


If not fancying a strong glass of arak, a single bottle of Ksara red wine, made of carefully picked grapes grown in Bekaa Valley would definitely make someone sing, as Fairuz does in Walimat Wardeh.

Intrigued by the old wooden gates, the entry of many gets even more exciting under the high ceilings, identical of ancient French style.

This is Beirut… Blend of French, Ottoman aura… And Walimat Warde is like the best cocktail of this blend.

An oriental fontaine is placed in the middle of the dancing set, craved with round ornaments… Obviously, at the time when “squares” haven’t replaced the round shapes of architecture, Beirut was more feminine.

Big mirrors are hanged on the wall of Walimat Warde as a sign of resilience, like Beirut itself. “I’ve been torned but not dead yet!” Beirut aloud!

It’s the protest of Beirut that Walimat Wardeh has for the concept of their venue…

Wooden chairs around old-fashion marble dining tables are placed in a way that never makes you feel lonely.

Me, enJoying Walimat!

Perhaps, those chairs are the reason why Walimat is so attractive among lonely souls. Actually, except a few lucky ones who had not lost their family in any wars of Lebanon, almost everybody is lonely in Beirut. It’s just almost impossible to realise it.

Lonely souls are mostly filling up their solitude with curious Hezbollah tourists who end up at Walimat rather than running after Nasrallah.

Eventually, one single night at Walimat would worth to a week in Beirut if one really wants to feel the sense of oriental spirit of this “once Paris of The Middle East.”



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8 responses to “Walimat Wardeh missed in London

  1. Hussein Dika

    Amazing article, been touched by Walimat’s spirit the very first time i entered the venue…

  2. Cagil M. Kasapoglu

    Thanks Hussein. Shame… the venue no longer exists… Good conversations have always been accompanied by good food there…

  3. Hussein Dika

    I hate to say this Cagil, but your mistaken.. Walimat still exist but in a different place yet the same atmosphere is guaranteed.
    Location: facing CO-OP, Marble Tower Hotel, not very far from Dany’s and Graffiti.
    i went there on Wednesday and I’m going again tomorrow night 😉

  4. Hussein Dika

    So, if you’re in Beyrouth make sure you show up 😛
    I’ll be there with 5 of my new Turkish friends at 11:00 sharp

  5. Cagil M. Kasapoglu

    Ah I remember but first when it moved there, it wasnt the same. Unfortunately I wont be in Beirut. Enjoy.

  6. Hussein Dika

    Thank you, i recommend another similar place in Hamra.
    Name: T-Marbuta (as of the Arabian letter), very cozy and cultural.
    Location: Pavilion Hotel (1st floor)

  7. Cagil M. Kasapoglu

    It was ‘my office’ when I was living there.

  8. Hussein Dika

    It was “home” when i left home.. I used to perform there and sometimes help with the photography or paintings selection.

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