It has obviously become inevitable to update this blog. Especially the irony of writing my last post on “becoming a journalist” and giving a two months break has literally urged the crucial need of this quick post. Yes, I’m alive… Still breathing, reading and writing…

Briefing my last two months here in Turkey can simply be listed as a few “made-up classes”: Intro to TV journalism 000, Intro to Newspaper Journalism 201 and with a bonus personal class on “refreshing long-missed Turkish language skills!”

Seriously, I just remind myself every other day how impressive  most of Lebanese  people are in switching from one language to another as simply as pressing a “switch button.” If multilangualism is a talent, I’d rather say, switching among them is a genuine gift.

The other day I came across an interesting post at Mashallah News website on a story of Multilangualism in Lebanon. Definitely worth checking… And I sadly realised how difficult it has become for me to use my mother language in a perfect sense: “Self-critic” very like to turn into “self-pity” if I just don’t “switch” quickly… “Clash of Identity?” No, not yet… It’s certainly impossible to have it here in Istanbul where the definition of identities is mostly ending up with a question mark at the end…

By the way, I will keep writing on this blog in English, but tempted to start a Turkish one as well…

Listings of my last two months in Istanbul is obviously not restricted by reminding myself what my mother tongue was…

I also had to remember myself how the traffic was in Istanbul, which I lacked. Well, I literally found myself caught in an extreme chaos that resulted me spending almost a quarter my last two months stuck in four wheels… Yes, I create unnecessary excuses for not updating my blog, but I know it works…

Meanwhile I accumulated interesting stories on various subjects here in Turkey. Since I work on World News department, I haven’t had a chance to publish them yet. But this blog will basically contain more on Turkey…

Good… I feel much relieved now…Revived..  As if I’ve paid all the loans of my “online Real Estate.”


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