Violence in Hama

Since the foreign journalists are now allowed into Syria to report the conflict, we are pretty bound to what Syrian national news agency SANA has to offer for us. It’s quite hard to reach anyone in Hama where the security forces are literally slaughtering people. Bitter memories of 1982 massacre committed by Hafez al Assad in Hama are revived by his son Bashar Assad.

Residents of Hama are fleeing the violence in back of their cars. ©Radikal

Through my contacts at the Syrian refugee camp in Yayladagi, I manage to get in touch with a young Hama resident who has witnessed the violence happening next to his house.

Those who expected the violence to stop during Ramadan have been disappointed by the deadly attacks. The witnesses who spoke to Radikal (Turkish) said that the Syrian army’s tanks have been stationed at each and every corner of Hama.

IT engineer Basil (28), describes what he witnesses as “blind eye crime” depicting the random shootings of Syrian security forces regardless of women or children. He says that the forces target mosques, houses and hospitals.

“There are snipers around the corner of my house, I can’t even take my head out of the window. I couldn’t leave the house for 2 days.”

According to Basil, the forces are shooting even during praying time and threatening the households to bomb ‘if they don’t leave in 2 hours time.’

“But if we do obey them and leave the house, then the snipers began shooting the people. We no longer know who to believe, what to do,” Basil says stressing that they feel trapped in their neighbourhood.

“Since nobody is allowed to leave the household, there is a growing scarce of food in Hama,” says Basil, adding that the food distributor trucks are been targeted as well.

The photo on this post was sent by Basil to Radikal.


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