Turkish delight for vinyl junkies

Here below is a piece I’ve written for Dust & Grooves ‘A crate diggin photo blog’ of Eilon Paz.

I was just doing my regular visits to Istanbul when I was based in Beirut. That particular night, my photographer friend Aytac has called me for this photo project knowing that it’d excite me to bits. And yes, he was right. We went to visit an ‘underground record’ collector’ Mustafa. He’s literally living in a treasure. A giant pool of excellent Turkish records…

That’s the intro of our exciting visit:
Turkish retro delights, tea cups, cigarettes and moustache – A Perfect Turkish experience

Words by Cagil M. Kasapoglu ; Photos by Eilon Paz

In the hunt of vinyl record collectors, digging into a quite suburb of Istanbul was not in the agenda yet we were not late to discover hidden Turkish retro delights that Mustafa had proudly preserved in his humble basement. Stepping down on a narrow stairs, we ended up in a storage-like basement with piles of records replaced on dusty wooden shelves alongside their old counterpart, a bunch of cassettes.

For the full story and amazing photos click here.


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