Words to hide the thoughts

I have a better sweet relationship with London.

Only a couple weeks before my flight to Sydney in 2007, I found myself in a plane flying to London to study instead. I have planned everything in a perfect order that would allow me to have a beer at Bondi beach and pretend like being a student in Sydney… Well, then London seemed to be more appealing at the end… I have compromised on artificial desire and pleasure for a more striking challenge…

The love story between London and me has ended in a not quite pleasant way in 2009 as I have written in this blog before

But the path I’ve been driven to has led me to London again… It was quite a long journey… A journey of profound search of one’s soul… that has introduced the challenges and the beauties of Beirut… and developed a solid addiction to Istanbul…

Here I am again… in London… A battle? A challenge? Or an inevitable confrontation?

I guess I am trying to express myself within a very limited circle now but oh well… My experiences accumulated by time have taught me how to create miracles in limited conditions… Expressing myself in a ‘designed’ framework is one them…

Those who know me, would equally understand my admiration for Voltaire…

So praising him again…

“One great use of words is to hide our thoughts…” – Voltaire


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