Gezi Parki: From ‘obedience’ to ‘disobedience’



Historic days for Turkey…

At a time when many in the ruling AKP government desired to call the Turkish society as ‘becoming increasingly obedient’, a local environmental protest has proven otherwise by gaining rather a nation wide popular support.

For the coverage of BBC please visit the site.

There are two critical points to highlight for these developments…

First, the change in the spirit of resistance in Turkey and the second, ‘the unity’ created as a single voice against the government.

Five days ago, thousands of people have flocked to Gezi Park in Taksim Square of Istanbul to protest against the government’s plans to demolish the last remaining green area of Turkey’s largest city.

But the infamous excessive use of force against the protestors and the insistence of AKP government carrying on with theirs plans have turned the local protests into an immense anti government movement.

The use of tear gas and water cannon doesn’t come as a surprise to many in Turkey.

This was seen as the most ‘effective’ way to establish public order and ‘discipline’ the masses… The disproportionate response of police has in many cases succeeded to deter and intimate the masses. But not this time…

On the contrary, the ‘known to be obedient’ sprit of resistance in Turkey has proven to be fearless… And the long established barrier fear is broken…

Hundreds became thousands… Thousands became tens of thousands in Istanbul… Then again, massive movements grown in many other major cities in Turkey…

These movements will most likely be remembered as a ‘new generation resistance’ in Turkey…

The second crucial point is, ‘the unity’ that is grown regardless of the diversity in political leanings.

Gezi Park protests are rather an ‘urbanised’ movement based solely on basic democratic rights.

Initially, ‘the right to protest’…

The disproportionate response of police, has proven that it was not solely the park that was aimed to be demolished but also ‘the right to protest’.

Masses are wanted to be suppressed but on the contrary they grow in a stronger voice, more importantly in a unity.

Many different organisations, political groups and NGOs that were rather seeing as confronting each other at Taksim Square have become a single body against the government in search for basic democratic rights.

There are indeed more to tell on this ‘new generation’ of resistance in Turkey, but I’ll save them for the other posts…

Years from now, those two critical points I stated above will first take me back to those days… The defiance of ‘disobedient new generation’ and ‘the unity’ created on the basis of democratic rights…





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One response to “Gezi Parki: From ‘obedience’ to ‘disobedience’

  1. Bulent

    I could not see any unity in their activity.. and I can not see any consistency in their requests.. they lost their good view in the public mind..

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